Senayit — Sunday, September 18 at 7 pm

From the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont emerges Senayit, a trio capable of guiding its listeners on an intimate journey by awakening a tribal and grounding energy. Front woman and main songwriter, Senayit Tomlinson, was born to create a distinctive and far-reaching life and sound. A woman of Ethiopian heritage, Senayit was raised in New York City and grew up on 80s pop, as well as traditional Chinese, Indian and Hatian music by way of her cultural family. She later studied in Indonesian gamelan music during college. Her sound today, however, is far from chaotic; her dynamic range, vocal expression and poetic style weave an eclectic, even wild thread of sound throughout her honest and accessible lyrics.
Michael Ramirez on bass and Isaac Luxon on drums and percussion complete the trio of Senayit. With a host of musical performance groups under his belt, as well as sound and lighting experience at
venues across the country, Michael brings to the group an insatiable urge for experimentation with sound. Isaac, apprentice to master luthier George Morris and lead guitar player for reggae bands groove Shoes and Mo Ambesa, offers his invaluable lyrical style of drumming, attributed to his natural ear and training in instrumental music.
Recent collaboration with interdisciplinary artist JMoney Fur has allowed the trio of Senayit to tap into its wealth of talents in various performing arts and visual media. Incorporating video,
puppetry, and various multi-dimensional arts, Senayit envelopes you to the point of a visceral, physical connection. It is not just music for your soul but something that is happening to you, around you, and never quite leaves you.
For more information click here.  Tickets available at the door.

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