Ac Tah 2012

Friday, October 21 from 7 – 10 pm
Ac Tah, author of ” Night of the Last Katun 2012 Maya” is a direct descendant Maya from the Yucatan Pennisula in Mexico. He works at the direction of his ancestors the ancient Maya to prepare humanity for the changes that have already begun as Earth and its inhabitants enters a new geological and Spiritual age in 2012.
Intense solar flares, global warming and changes in the Earths electromagnetic field are only a few of the sypmtoms of this time that the ancient Maya could see and predict thousands of years ago.
They were masters of science and technology especially in what we know today as Unified Field Theory and DNA. The ancient Maya were able to map our galaxy and calculate time with a precision unmatched even by modern science.
Among their many prophecy’s is one that states that prior to 2012 a Maya descendant would appear who would embody the heart and mind of the Mayan culture. Someone who could interpret the coded information left by them in the pyramids ,glyphs and steles and pass it on to humanity at this crucial time. Ac Tah is this person. His messages and information are urgent yet positve. He does not promote any particular religion, philosophy or way of life. In his talk he will speak with a knowing authority about the changes to come in 2012, the Mayan calendars and their advanced sciences. Most importantly about what we must be doing now to remain happy and secure as these profound changes occur.
There will be a question and answer period and
a book signing at the end of his talk.  For more information go to
The Carnicom Institute will host a vital conference the weekend of October 22nd – 23rd, 2011 on health and environmental issues that affect us all. The Carnicom Institute, a 501(3)(c)
non-profit organization, conducts scientific research for the benefit of humanity.

This conference will confront the deliberate alteration of our planet, including the subjects of geo-engineering, bio-engineering, and the Morgellons connection. A ground-breaking documentary
will be premiered at the event. The Saturday evening workshop will engage the audience in a hands-on learning experience. The conference will be held at The Performance Space and attendance is by donation. Visit the Carnicom Institute at for more information and registration, or call Sandy at 940.435.0276

–Cover body of Clifford Carnicom’s research of a dozen
years on geoengineering and bioengineering

–Guest speakers (short topics – 20 min) – on
environmental and health issues

–Workshop presented for hands-on demonstration,
experiments, and engagement of attendees.

–Engage professionals of the health, environment, and
medical communities.

–Premier the revised version of the Carnicom
documentary: Aerosol Crimes.


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