The Daniel Link Band in Concert



Santa Fe’s Brightest New Music Artist to Film Live Show

Santa Fe, NM. After releasing his latest CD Book of Shadows earlier this year, Daniel Link introduces his new band line-up in a special concert, which will be filmed at The Performance Space  at La Tienda on December 12, 2012. 7 to 8 PM. Tickets only $10. (Advanced tickets at or at the door)

After arriving in Santa Fe from Austin in 2010, it didn’t take long for Daniel’s musical and songwriting gifts to catch the eyes and ears of the upper echelons of the Santa Fe music community, including Vince Bell and Catfish Hodge (both making guest vocal performances on Daniel’s new CD) and Jono Manson, who co-produced Book of Shadows. Late this summer, when Daniel was ready to start doing local shows and regional touring, he decided to form a brand new musical entity, simply called “Daniel Link Band”. The line-up features local bad-asses Daniel Murphy on guitar and harmony vocals, Britt Alexander on drums, and John Perado on bass and harmony vocals.

“There are no stars in this band,” Daniel insists, “I made that clear with these guys from day one. Yeah, I wrote all the material, and yeah I am the primary front man, but I see that as what I contribute to the band as a whole. The truth is I have the utmost respect for each of them; this band is powerful…and with Daniel (Murphy), I am in awe to be standing next to him onstage…he is just as much a front man as I am in this band…not to mention one of the best guitarists and most creative spirits I’ve ever worked with. Period.”

The band wants to formally invite Santa Feto be a part of their early history and their first video as the Daniel Link Band. For more information, please visit


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