8 responses to “Calendar of Events

  1. Sorry! I’m behind on information, can you tell me what is going on for the Mardi Gras celebration and the performance center?? thanks!!
    Will there be food???

      • What happened to my post regarding April 5’s Fuster Cluck Dance for the “Eldorado Nine” Legal Defense fund? There are 2,777 households who own their homes in Eldorado watching to see what you do regarding these five homeowners who are suing the rest us.

        These five households are not a community group nor are they a not-for-profit. They are raising funds to sue 2,777 other homeowners of the Eldorado community you serve. They are, in fact, suing themselves.

        Please look at our website and check out the statistics. Numbers do not lie.

      • Hi Jennifer, if you’ll look, your comment is there. It has been there, with my reply the whole time. However this page isn’t a forum. FYI< you posted your original comment on the booking page, not on the calendar page.

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