Upcoming Events — June 11 – June 21


Becoming Eduardo

On Thursday, June 13, Reel New Mexico is excited to present “Becoming Eduardo,” an award-winning feature film directed by Rod McCall of Las Cruces. McCall will discuss the film and take questions from the audience after the screening. The program starts at 7 p.m. at La Tienda Center in Eldorado.

Based on the novel Alternative Ed, by LouAnne Johnson, “Becoming Eduardo” tells the story of Eddie Corazon. At sixteen, the former straight-A student has become a juvenile delinquent attending an alternative high school in Rosablanca, New Mexic. There he falls in love with a college-bound girl and discovers he has a knack for poetry. But a few bad choices result in Eddie’s being sent to live with his bachelor uncle Tio in Truth or Consequences. There he takes to calling himself Eduardo, as his exposure ot Tio’s way of life shatters his masculine stereotypes and inspires himself to view himself – and the world – in a new light.

Director Rod McCall, who will discuss the film, teaches Storyboarding and Directing at New Mexico State University. Julian Alcaraz, the actor who plays Eddie, has gone on to become a regular in the new cable version of “90210” and is one of the leads in the big studio remake of “Red Dawn.” “Becoming Eduardo” has been shown at 17 film festivals throughout the world and won three awards at the Santa Fe Film Festival in 2009.



Salsa Returns with Son Como Son

On June 15, a group of volunteers called the Vista Grande Social Club are bringing us the fourth in a series of Saturday Night Salsa Parties.  Once again, The Performance Space at La Tienda will be transformed into the hottest club in town, with original Cuban salsa delivered by the nine-piece, big band sound of Son Como Son.  Featuring some of New Mexico’s top latin and jazz musicians, Son Como Son will make a rare appearance in Santa Fe to the delight of local dancers and all lovers of live music.  Included in the $10 cover charge is a salsa dance lesson by Tony Perez and Hayley Constable of MamboFe from 8:15 – 9:00.  The band starts at 9:00 pm with beer, wine and food served up at our own La Plancha restaurant.

Thursday Night Country Dance with Buffalo Nickle


Thursday Night Country Dance – Turn an ordinary Thursday night into a two-stepping, swing and line country dance fest with music from Steve Rose and Brian Mclane, Buffalo Nickel and dance lessons to get you doing all the moves that make country dancing easy, fun and pretty fancy.

Of course you don’t need a dime a dance when you have Buffalo Nickel on stage. Give the fitness equip. a break and lift up your spirit and body the old fashioned western way on the dance floor, and you don’t need a partner when the line dancing starts.

Thursday nights beginning June 20 at 7 pm at The Performance Space. No Cover!!!



Upcoming Events

Dinner and a Movie

 La Plancha at La Tienda Dinner & Film Evening

Wednesday, June 5, 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Dinner Buffet (Prix Fixe Menu) & Film:  $35

Film Only Admission:  $15 – Limited to 10

Happy Hour/Cash Bar: 5:00 p.m.
Buffet Dinner Begins 5:30 p.m.

Movie Begins: 6:30 p.m. (Film is 120 minutes)

Post-screening Discussion: 8:30 p.m. led by CIR member, Rob Reider

La Plancha de Eldorado is a casual latin grill that features a large menu of original recipes and unique flavors. It is Eldorado’s best kept secret! On this evening, La Plancha will offer a dinner buffet including an assortment of appetizers, Baby Back Pork Ribs, Grilled Chicken Breast & Salmon, their fabulous grilled vegetables, rice and traditional desserts.

The Sea Inside – 2004 Spanish film written, produced, directed and scored by Alejandro Amenabar. It is based on the real-life story of Ramon Sampedro (played by Javier Bardem), a Galician ship mechanic left quadriplegic after a diving accident and his 29-year campaign in support of euthanasia and the right to end his life.

The Sea Inside won the 2004 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, the 2004 Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film, and 14 Goya Awards including awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Screenplay.


Firefly Storytelling Evening 


Firefly “The only thing truer than truth is a story.” June 6 premiers Santa Fe’s newest storytelling evening, Firefly. Six storytellers will share their personal experiences on the theme, “Game Changers”. Come out to The Performance Space at La Tienda in Eldorado to hear true stories about the moments in one’s life that change everything and after which, nothing will ever be the same. Tickets are $10 at the door. Cash only. Beer, wine and soft drinks available next door. 7:00 to 9:00, Thursday, June 6th.

200 New Mexico Poems

200 New Mexico Poems: 100 Poems Celebrating the Past, 100 More for the Future, is a dynamic celebration of New Mexico’s centennial through poetry. Its mission is to promote a broader understanding of the state’s unusual beauty and delicate ecology as well as foster a greater awareness of its distinct blend of cultural influences. Above all, the project shows that New Mexico’s enchantment is derived from its people, its stories and literature, and the aesthetics of its environment.


Since its inception, 200 New Mexico Poems has received positive reception and encouragement from people all over the United States. The quantity, quality, and uniqueness of submissions represented are outstanding and represent a wide and varied perspective of the state, which is not limited to residents of the region. New Mexico is often little understood by those who have never visited it and is likewise loved by many who have ventured even briefly across its borders. This collection provides the country, even the world, with a stunning multifaceted and layered interpretation of the state of New Mexico.


Featured readers include these contributing poets: Mary Dudley, Gayle Lauradunn,

Jamie Figueroa, Pamela Yenser, Kelly Yenser, John Macker, Katherine DeBlassie, Janet Eigner, Kimberly Mathes, Kayce Verde, Susan Gardner, H. Marie Aragón, Katherine Seluja, Roy Beckemeyer, Michelle Holland, Georgia Santa Maria, Joanne Bodin, Karin Bradbery, Linda Monacelli-Johnson, Jules Nyquist, Jane Shoenfeld, and more!


200 New Mexico Poems

Poetry Reading,

May 19th, 2013, 2:00 to 4:00 PM,

The Performance Space,

7 Caliente Rd.,

Eldorada at Santa Fe, NM (Ten Miles Southeast of Santa Fe)

2:00 to 4:00 PM




Two Great Events Saturday, March 2

rethinking money book imageAt 2 pm:  Join us for Rethinking Money: HOW NEW CURRENCIES TURN SCARCITY INTO PROSPERITY

A free live presentation and book signing by Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne on their new book, Rethinking Money: How New Currencies Turn Scarcity into Prosperity will be held on March 2nd at The Performance Space at Eldorado from 2-6:00 p.m. Be part of one of THE most important conversations of the year here in Santa Fe.

Communities, businesses and governments around the globe are reconsidering the concept of money. In Rethinking Money, Lietaer and Dunne explore the origins of our current monetary system, built on bank debt and scarcity, revealing the surprising and sometimes shocking ways its unconscious limitations give rise to so many of our current and serious problems.

They will offer real world examples of ordinary people and their communities using new money, working in cooperation with national currencies, to strengthen local economies, create work, and beautify cities.

To watch a 3 minute clip on Lietaer go to https://vimeo.com/41960492.

As part of this event, a sneak preview of Money & Life by filmmaker Katie Teague will also be shown. To watch the trailer and learn more about the film, go to www.moneyandlifemovie.com.

Contact Norma Tarango @ tarango.norma@gmail.com for more info. No RSVP required.

Then, at 8 pm, Join us for Nosotros and Salsa Dancing!

The Eldorado community is eager to initiate what we hope to be the first of many Salsa Nights at the Performance Spot this Saturday, March 2nd. An introductory salsa class will begin at 8 pm with live music by Nosotors to follow. Nosotros is a fabulous, local Latin band that has been playing in and outside of New Mexico for many years. Nosotros plays a variety of Latin music influenced by Salsa, Cumbia, Cha-Cha, Rock and Jazz. Please join us to support our local businesses and to have a hot, fabulous evening of dance and Latin rhythms!!

A Storytelling Feast

Saturday, November 10th a Storytelling Feast to benefit The Food Depot will be held at The Performance Space at La Tienda in Eldorado from 3 to 4:30 pm. 

Performers from Storytellers of New Mexico Joe Hayes, Indiana Bones (aka Mike McCartney, Mary Ellen Gonzales and Cynthia Dobson will tell Family Friendly stories. Sherry Hooper, Executive Director of The Food Depot will tell of the work being done in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico.

This is a free event but a donation of food or money for The Food Depot will be gratefully accepted. There will be prizes and refreshments so bring the kids and neighbors and enjoy an afternoon of feasting on stories for a good cause.


Joe Hayes an award-winning author and nationally recognized teller of  Southwestern tales from the Hispanic, Native American and Anglo  cultures. His bilingual Spanish-English tellings have earned him a  distinctive place among America’s storytellers. He has published over  twenty children’s books.

Joe has visited some 3,000 schools and has been the resident  storyteller at the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian in Santa
Fe for 30 years. A whole generation of Southwestern children has grown up listening to his tales.

Joe?s books have received the Arizona Young Readers Award, two Land of Enchantment Book Awards, the Southwest Book Award and the Texas
Bluebonnet Award. For his storytelling he received the New Mexico Governor?s Award for Excellence and Achievement in the Arts and has been designated New Mexico Centennial Storyteller.


Cynthia is an accomplished storyteller whose love of tales has taken her to collect and tell stories from around the world. She has a  Master?s degree in multi-cultural education and her teaching  experience in Mexico, New Mexico, and Canada has given her a unique perspective, not only on the Differences but more importantly on the similarities in cultures.  From these experiences she chooses stories to share with others.  Bi-lingual and participatory programs may be arranged for schools, libraries, daycare centers, camps, as well as  senior centers and nursing homes.


Indiana Bones, Keeper of Legends (aka Mike McCartney)is an EMMY AWARD winning writer, producer and  performing artist.  Combining archeology, action, adventure, ancient legends, mythology and folklore, Indy thrills and educates audiences with his unique storytelling abilities. Indy weaves stories for students, families, sci-fi lovers and museum goers alike.

Indy is now  a full time professional storyteller and guest lecturer at the  University of New Mexico. Indy believes that storytelling can be used  as an effective teaching tool. With the use of artifacts,  Fossils,  lively puppets and a crack of his bull whip, Indy leads the  audience  on a journey through time.


Mary Ellen traces her ancestry in New Mexico back to before the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.  She was raised on a ranch near Chama, New Mexico.  She is
half Hispanic and half Anglo and views her job as being a “culture bridger”.

She tells stories from all cultures, but her specialty is Hispanic stories from Northern New Mexico.  She explores cultural values as revealed by the
stories people tell. She is a listed scholar with the New Mexico Humanities Council.


August Events

Wednesday, August 8 at 7 pm

Geometric Musings

A hidden legacy underlying the arts, architecture and our natural world

Presented by Michael BaronSuggested admission: $5

For a very long time a weaver of patterns has been busy creating beautiful tapestries out of planetary orbits and molecular interstices. This evening we will peer through a geometers looking-glass into these micro/macro worlds, whose harmonies are guided by Fibonacci of Pisa, and spun into delicate DNA fibers that make up the warp and weft of our proportional being. Megalithic stone workers carve polyhedra for Plato, who inscribes them in the Timaeus, to be assembled by our children someday.  Archimedes kicks his faceted soccer ball toward history’s net and right into the hands of a physicist goalie who shouts ‘Buckminsterfullerene’! Kepler is tangling tetrahedra together, Escher is deconstructing the dodecahedron, and Omar Yaghi creates metal-organic polyhedral frameworks to store hydrogen gas that may someday power our cars.

This muse of geometry can be heard in the tiny concert of atoms, the vasty whorls of galaxies and in the core of an applestar.

Tonight we will observe the maker of patterns, busy on the geometer’s loom, weaving timeless ornamental threads, while Pythagoras arranges his mnemonic triangle, for a moment, in our morning sky…

Thursday, August 8 at 7 pm

Reel New Mexico Independent Film Series presents 3 fabulous short films

“El Salon Mexico” is a charming animated adventure set to the music of Aaron Copland. A boy, his burro and his rooster sneak away from home one night to see their first fiesta, never imagining the adventures they will have. The film, funded with a $20,000 New Mexico New Visions grant, was made by Paul Glickman, an Oscar-winning animator, and Tamarind King, a talented young graphic artist and animator who began work on it when she was still in high school. It made the first round in the “animated short” category for an Oscar in 2011 and has won numerous festival awards, including “Best Animation” in the Rome (Georgia) International Film Festival and “Best Animation Short for kids 8-12” in the Kids First Film Festival. Santa Fe filmmaker Michael Zeilik, executive producer of “El Salon Mexico,” will discuss the film.

“The Birds of the Bolsa Chica” was made by Santa Fe filmmaker Hal Ralston, initially so his wife, a teacher, might have something to show her students before a field trip to the Bolsa Chica wetlands. The State of California purchased 880 acres of the wetlands in 1997 for an ecological preserve and restoration was completed in 2004. Ralston made the film to celebrate the birds, who he says are the true owners of the Bolsa Chica. The music soundtrack was added to focus the children’s attention on the actions of the birds. Hal Ralston will discuss his film.

Community Garden: New Mexico/South Africa” was made by Santa Fe filmmaker Debra Denker to explore what the El Dorado School Community Garden in the community of Eldorado just south of Santa Fe and another community garden in the poor, rural community of Acornhook in South Africa have in common. A lot, she discovered. Both are part of a worldwide community garden movement which, in addition to encouraging production of fresh, nutritious food, benefits their local communities and underscores the importance of water to sustainable food cultivation.  Debra Denker will discuss her film with the Reel New Mexico audience.

Sunday, August 12 at 3 pm

Suzzane Teng and Mystic Journey in Concert at The Performance Space
.Dragon Rising, The Performance Space and Santa Fe Bandstand present…

Suzanne Teng & Mystic Journey featuring Gilbert Levy

$15/$10 seniors and 12 and under at the door 

Multi award-winning world music bandmaking their Santa Fe debut! “ Suzanne Teng plays music for the soul.” 

“ Highly Recommended! A Critic’s Choice” -Billboard Magazine


 Thursday, August 16 at 7 pm

Blessingway Publishing and The Performance Space present author, Nina Brown as part of the ongoing Local Author Series

Are you ready for 12-21-12?

Meet award winning author, healer and visionary founder of the Golden Dolphin S.T.A.R. Clinic healing conferences: Nina Brown

Suggested Admission: $2

Nina Brown will read from her award winning narrative and share her perspective on the significance of the eagerly anticipated 12-21-12. Return of Love to Planet Earth: Memoir of a Reluctant Visionary describes Brown’s voyage as she ascends to the highest frequencies of love using the secrets of S.T.A.R.: surrender, trust, allow and receive. Her ten-year alchemical journey illustrates for each one of us the simple yet challenging path to our own spiritual ascent. Lee Carroll, Channel for Kryon, Speaker and Author, calls it, “A must-read for any spiritual seeker.”

Q & A to follow.  For more information, visit www.GoldenDolphins.com

Thursday, August 23 at 8 pm

The Performance Space presents Living Out Loud with Carol Rose

 Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door

“If you want to laugh, cry and be inspired, save the date of Thursday, August 23rd and come enjoy Carol Rose at the La Tienda Performance Space. “Living Out Loud” is her first performance and she will share experiences of her life through characters & monologue. Joining Carol with songs will be Maya McKnight

Call Carol at 5o5 660 9311 or Debbie at 505 577 6297 to purchase your tickets today!

Friday, August 24 at 7 pm

The Performance Space presents award winning singer/songwriters Byrd and Street all the way from Austin, TX

Description: ” …real Americana with integrity & soul…a blend that shines” “Impeccable vocal harmonies” combined with original award — winning Texas-Americana songwriting, Tommy Byrd and Kathy Street from Austin have been making songs together since 2001. Three-time nominees for “Best Vocal Duo” at the Texas Music Awards as well as “Best Female Vocalist” nominee in 2012, they have been two-time Kerrville New Folk Finalists. The duo’s Love Broke the Fall CD was #13 on the Folk DJ Charts in July ’09 and their latest CD, Then and Now CD made #27 last fall as well as the Texas Roots Chart. Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul and Mary) recently recorded one of their songs, Let Me Be Your Friend, a song for animal adoption. Joining Byrd & Street for this show will be Santa Fe local musician Dave Devlin of the Bootleg Prophets, on mandolin and dobro!“

Your music is full of hope and optimism mixed with a little humor, just what a weary world needs! Listening to it has improved my outlook on life.” D.M. Tyler TX

Website: http://www.byrdandstreet.com

Upcoming Events May 1st – 6th


Have you ever wanted to participate in the election process, but wanted to do more than simply voting for your candidate? Well now you can! Come down to The Performance Space on May 1st, 6:30-8:30 pm, to help Obama stay in office.

MAY 4th – Sandra Wong, Dominick Leslie and Ty Burhoe in Concert

You won’t want to miss this. This amazing trio, coming together to create a beautiful yet unusual fusion between a variety of interesting and awing instruments. This trio will combine their talents in nyckelharpa/fiddle, mandolin and tabla/world percussion to perform a variety of pieces as they take you on a journey through different styles of music spanning across the globe. Among the pieces, they will also be performing their own compositions.

May 5th – Word Harvest Writing Workshop


WORDHARVEST, founded in Santa Fe in 2001 by Anne Hillerman and Jean Schaumberg, offers one-day writing workshops and the Tony Hillerman Writers Conference. For more information, please visit, http://www.wordharvest.com

May 6th – Green Cafe Water Conservation

Upcoming Events

Barbarians at the Gate

Stravinsky, Diaghilev & the Ballets Russes

On Thursday, April 5th, 2012 at 6:00 p.m., a multimedia presentation entitled Barbarians at the Gate – Stravinsky, Diaghilev & the Ballets Russes, narrated by Tom Maguire, will be offered free to the general public at the Performance Space at La Tienda at 7 Caliente Road in Eldorado. This event is presented by Destiny Allison Fine Art as part of the salon series: Art in the 21st Century.

This presentation will offer a detailed look at the time between the first season of Serge Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes in 1909 and Diaghilev’s death in Venice two decades later.  Mr. Maguire will examine the artistic forces and personalities that forged a reinvigoration of the art of ballet.  The presentation will also explore the effect that the visual artists, composers, librettists, choreographers, dancers and designers associated with the Ballets Russes had, not only on that organization, but also on their own art forms and the cultural life of Europe in general.  The presentation will concentrate on the work of composers Stravinsky, Ravel, Milhaud, Satie, Debussy and Prokofiev; visual artists Benois, Picasso, Rouault, Gris, Picabia, Bakst and Braque and choreographers Fokine, Massine, Nijinsky, Nijinska and Balanchine.  These artists and their influence on the artistic life of Europe, in general, and Paris, in particular, will be chronicled; along with the aristocrats, members of high society and the business class, donors and sponsors who made their work possible.

Mr. Maguire augments the research he has done on the Ballets Russes with material gleaned from the most recent publications on the subject.  Visual and musical materials are selected from several sources including Mr. Maguire’s extensive collection. Barbarians at the Gate dramatically explores the artistic explosion that Serge Diaghilev unleashed on Western Europe as he brought; first visual arts, then opera and finally ballet from mother Russia to the salons and theatres of Paris.  In stunning visuals accompanied by music clips, Barbarians at the Gate traces not only the history of the company, but also its effect on all of the arts in the early 20th century.


The Ballets Russes:  An Audio-Visual Presentation

When: Thursday, April 5th at 6:00 P.M.

Admission:  FREE

The Best Live Comedy!TM  Starring Eddie Tafoya

April 7th you’re invited to enjoy The Best Live Comedy!TM   At The Performance Space 7 Caliente Rd, Santa Fe, NM Located just 15 minutes from downtown Santa Fe, The Performance Space has ample parking and is conveniently nestled inside La Plancha de Eldorado, one of Santa Fe’s best restaurants! Food and drinks are available before and during this special event from La Plancha de Eldorado.

Doors open at 6:30pm The Best Live Comedy at 7pm to 8:30pm

This mostly clean comedy event is part of The Best Live Comedy!TM  PG-13 Tour starring The Comediologist, Eddie Tatoya PhD. Is a professor of American Literature and Creative Writing at Highlands University, Las   Vegas, NM. Author of, “The Legacy of the Wisecrack; Stand Up Comedy as the Great American Literary Form” and “Icons of African-American Comedy.” Native of Albuquerque he’s been on MY50TV and featured on TV’s “After After Party with Steven Michael Quezada and The James Douglas Show!” In 2011, Eddie was voted “Funniest Comedian in New Mexico” by New Mexico’s other comedians. He plays clubs thru out the South West.

Host and MC of this LAUGHTER FEST is Rev. Stephen HA HA Hunt, formerly of The 1st Church of Sex & Ice Cream! He’s appeared in numerous films and TV shows including placing 8th in HBO’s Lucky 21. He’s played clubs, bars and casinos from New Mexico’s Ohkay Casino, Buffalo Thunder, to New York’s Gotham Comedy Club!

Featuring two other comedians who also have appeared often on MY50TV the talented Davyd Roseman and the “Raunchy Russian,” Marianna Marchenko. Special guest “Smitty” first performed four our country’s service men and women in a talent show. “Smitty,” Stephen Smith, won The Best Live Comedy Contest! VIII

Tickets are just $15 in advance or $20 at the door. Discount tickets are available now at www.TheBestLiveComedy.com or by calling 505-340-4654.

The Best Live Comedy PG 13 Tour

Come out for a night of laughs as La Tienda and The Performance Space present “The Best Live Comedy PG-13 Tour”.
Saturday, March 3 at 7 pm. 
Presale tickets are $15.00 at www.TheBestLiveComedy.com
or call 505-340-4654. Tickets at the door are $20.
Visiting from Albuquerque we have Stephen ‘HAHA” Hunt, Goldie Garcia, Roger C. Blair, and Keith Breckenridge. With appearances at comedy clubs in NY, LA, and Vegas (the big one), TV, casinos and talent shows, these performers are sure to put on a show you don’t want to miss.

Sarah Berges Dance Performs in Santa Fe

Sarah Berges Dance  PERFORMS inSanta Fe!

Contact: Sarah Berges 310-403-9983            http://www.sarahbergesdance.com

February 25, 2012      7:00 PM

Tickets:  $7.00 / all proceeds donated to La Tienda Non-Profit Projects

BUY TICKETS In advance through Paypal  @ www.sarahbergesdance.com 

Sarah Berges Dance  is produced by La Tienda in conjunction with:

  5 Submerging – Visual Arts Show

Featuring Thayer Carter, Andrew Davis, Geraldine Fiskus, Dee Homans,  J. Barry Zeiger

@ The Exhibit Space, 7 Caliente Road, La Tienda at Eldorado

 February 18 through March 11

Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday11 AM – 6 PM, or by appointment 

Artist Talk Wednesday, March 7 at6:30 PM

Information:  505-428-0024 or 505-629-6418

IMPLUVIUM Poetry Reading by Andrew Davis

 @ The Performance Space, La Tienda at Eldorado

 February 29 at 7 PM

Information: 505-484-0024 or 505-629-6418 

Sarah Berges Dance  will join selected Santa Fe dancers to perform a new work choreographed by Sarah Berges entitled “Repeating the Past.”  In response to the magnificent new sculpture by Dee Homans, on display in The Exhibit Space at La TIenda (2/18-3/11), the dance reflects the aggressive power of the sculpture in contrast to its undulating, lyric subtext.  Ancient memories of the Medea story rise and fall in the dance, a touchstone for reflecting on modern day acts of vengeance and of violence used against innocents.  SARAH BERGES DANCE will also perform “Vignettes” – small dances at odd times – in The Exhibit Space at La Tienda.  These 4 minute dances will be performed once a day, Wednesday 2/22 through Saturday 2/25 (call 310-403-9983 for precise times.)  Admission to the “Vignettes” is free of charge. 

Based in Oakland California, Sarah Berges has been producing dance since 1984. During the 15 years she spent in Los Angeles (1996-2011) Ms. Berges founded a modern dance company and a ballet company.  Her companies have performed in Mexico, Costa Rica, San Francisco, the Los Angeles area and New York City. 

Recipient of grants from Culver City, SONY Pictures, the Puffin Foundation and Squid & Squash Foundation, Ms. Berges has used grant money to produce dance in public, outdoor spaces.  Her “Adventure In Wonderland” attracted large audiences at Culver City Park and charmed students at Los Angeles middle schools. 

Sarah Berges’ choreography springs from her childhood training in improvisation and choreography.  Ms. Berges’ lifetime in dance – performing, teaching, and exploring movement – culminates in a choreographic style that is classically patterned yet full of twists and turns.  Always intent on telling a story, her dances are informed by a graphic sensibility bolstered by raw emotion.