Founders and Media Sponsors

Although this is not a non profit entity, The Performance Space is extremely grateful for the vision and support of the following businesses and indivduals.  These founders helped the venue to grow and expand beyond its original conception and helped to keep a vibrant and dynamic performance space in Eldorado by contributing to the Santa Fe Performance Exchange. 

Businesses: Santa Fe Brewing Company, Zia Financial Group, Quik-Send, Haley Ritchey, DDS, Medicap Pharmacy

Individuals:  The Sapeta Family, Carrie and Chris Ishee, Tom Mauter and Kris Swedin, Josh Rigsby, Karen Wohlgemuth,The Snell Family, Jennie and Jeffrey Dunn, The Wyatt Family, Wade Parsons

We are also extremely grateful to Hutton Broadcasting and for their continued support and media sponsorship.


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