REEL New Mexico

REEL New Mexico is a monthly series dedicated to the independent film makers of New Mexico. Reel New Mexico showcases these independent films at the La Tienda Center in Eldorado. The films are played in The Performance Space. One of La Tienda’s goals is to promote and support local artists, in all forms of media, which is exactly why this amazing series has been created. Reel New Mexico was formed to create a positive and creative atmosphere, free of competition, for independent New Mexico film makers! It’s a different feel from film festivals. There aren’t entry fees and prizes, which eliminates the sense of competition. However, there is a 5 dollar suggested admission fee, and the money made from donations is then evenly spread between the film makers that participate. For more INFORMATION ON REEL NEW MEXICO —–>

Proceeds from the $5 suggested at the door go to meet expenses and to participating filmmakers for ongoing projects.

Contact: Diane Thomas or Bill Osher



SEPTEMBER 13th – New Mexico in the Movie, The First 100 Years 

Thursday, September 13th, REEL NEW MEXICO will be hosting an interesting, informative, and fun event. We all know New Mexico has a long history, but its film history isn’t commonly known. Come down on Thursday to witness New Mexico’s rich filmmaking history, from 1898 to 1990, through the unique perspective of film reviewer, historian and fanatical movie enthusiast Jeff Berg. The film is titled, “New Mexico in the Movies -the First 92 years,” and it will utilize numerous film clips along side Berg’s delightful behind-the-scenes narration on the solid foundation that the film industry sits on today. 

You may ask, what does New Mexico have to offer in Film history? Believe it or not, New Mexico has had an unbelievable history in filmmaking. From the first known motion picture, at the Isleta Pueblo Day School in 1889, to the modernized industry today, New Mexico has played a major role in 500 different feature films and shows. New Mexico happens to have a rich film history to match its brilliant cultural and physical history. 

Who’s Jeff Berg?

Formerly of Las Cruces and recently relocated to Santa Fe, Berg got the idea for a series of programs on New Mexico films from a weekly film series he hosted in Las Cruces, which included numerous made-in-New Mexico movies. The films Berg will cover at his Reel New Mexico program encompass all genres, from comedy to drama to Western to horror. He will offer background on each movie, including shooting locations, insider trivia and New Mexico history, in a blend of humor and information that encourages audience participation. In this exciting premiere presentation, the audience will visit every corner of the state, from Farmington to Carlsbad and from Clayton to Lordsburg and learn about the three distinct periods in New Mexico’s film history. Berg promises there will not be a pop quiz afterwards.


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