Upcoming Events June 19 – June 25


Justice Denied


 When: Wednesday, June 19

Where: The Performance Space

Time: 7 pm


 Producers of the film JUSTICE DENIED, a new documentary that takes a no-holds-barred look at sexual assault on men within the ranks of America’s armed forces and the service members who must live with the aftermath of those attacks for the rest of their lives, have announced that the movie will screen at La Tienda in Eldorado Wednesday evening, June 19. The screening will take place at 7:00 p.m.

 JUSTICE DENIED painstakingly explores what happens when a male active service member is sexually assaulted by another member and when and why it is or is not reported and the devastating effects it has on its victims. Through interviews with victims, their families, professionals, and their allies, the film looks carefully at the Culture of the Military to examine why it’s not safe to report occurrences under current rules.

  • 9 Point Productions, the producing team behind the film says it’s taken more than a year to complete the interviews and finish the movie, but they’re pleased that it is finally finished and proud of the finished movie.
  • The Department of Defense says that some 26,000 cases of sexual assault per year are perpetrated with less than a 10% reporting ratio. By their own numbers, the Department of Defense says a little less than half of those are women and a little more than half are men.  And while the incidence of sexual assault among the female population is higher, the numbers are roughly even because there are more men than women in the military.

“We feel deeply honored to have been entrusted with these painful and often heart-wrenching stories and given the opportunity to help make the public aware of this rarely discussed, and institutionally ignored blight on the American Armed Forces,” said Michael Miller, the film’s director and co-producer. “These stories are agonizingly painful for the men in our film to live through again and it’s taken an incredible amount of courage for them to step forward.” He added that while sexual assaults on women in the military happen slightly less often than those of their male counterparts, the military and the general public has been far more attentive to those cases and the women have fought a long hard battle to gain a platform on which to share their stories. Assaults on men have been carefully hidden from the public and covered up, not only by the victims themselves but also by higher ups within the chain of command; often the cover-ups can be traced straight to the top. Producer and co-director Geri Lynn Weinstein-Matthews added, “It’s time for men to have their voices heard. It’s time for them to stand up against these vicious attacks and against the deception of some of their commanding officers. Our belief is that this film will empower them to do just that.”

Thursday Night Country Dancing


Thursday Night Country Dance – Turn an ordinary Thursday night into a two-stepping, swing and line country dance fest with music from Steve Rose and Brian Mclane, Buffalo Nickel and dance lessons to get you doing all the moves that make country dancing easy, fun and pretty fancy.

Of course you don’t need a dime a dance when you have Buffalo Nickel on stage. Give the fitness equip. a break and lift up your spirit and body the old fashioned western way on the dance floor, and you don’t need a partner when the line dancing starts.

Thursday nights beginning June 20 at 7 pm at The Performance Space. No Cover!!!